5 Best Men’s Leather Belts in 2022: Review + Style Guide

5 Best Men’s Leather Belts in 2022: Review + Style Guide
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If you’re looking for the best leather belts for men for 2022, then you have come to the right place. Here we’re going to show you some of the best men’s leather belts in the market today. They are made from high-quality materials and are fashionable for any man of varying lifestyles.

After reading this article, we’re confident that you will be equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed decision about leather belts for your wardrobe. Knowing what belt to wear can save you from another fashion mistake.

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Not just that, choosing the right style of belt will help you stay classy, gentle, and organized. This style guide will cover everything you need to know about the best men’s leather belts, how to style them, and what outfit to pair them with.

Let’s dive right in!

How to choose the best quality leather belt for casual wears

best quality leather belt
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Choosing the best leather belt for your casuals can make you look smarter and more stylish in your environment – be it at home, at the restaurant, or work. To choose the best leather belt, start by confirming your footwear matches your casual wear. Then pick a leather belt that fits your footwear.

For instance, you are wearing black leather boots for a work event, you can match them with a black leather belt to enhance your look. The good thing about leather belts is that their color options (mostly black and brown) are easy to style with any footwear.

best men's leather belt for casual wear
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Next, choose the right belt width. For something casual made with denim, you should style them with wider width belts, while more formal wear can go with narrow width belts.

best men's leather belt for formal wear
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Finally, choose a belt buckle that puts a bold statement on your look. Conservative belt buckles are excellent for styling casual wear. They accentuate your dressing as bold, calm, and trustworthy.

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5 Best leather belts in 2022

best leather belts in 2022
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It’s time to spice up your wardrobe with the perfect accessory! Grab one of these five leather belts for a history lesson in style. 

1. Tonio Men’s Two-Tone Leather Belt

This men’s leather belt is made in Italy and a perfect choice for creating two different stylish looks anytime, it allows you to style the buckle and leather strap into various design options. You can turn the belt over and re-insert the buckle. However, you can easily remove the belt strap if perhaps you don’t want it.

Tonio is a two-tone strap designed from dark brown and fine black calfskin leather with stitched finished edges firmly pressed together. The belt is easily reversible, robust, and has unreal strength to last long. The good part – Tonio is excellent for formal outfits, casual wear, and travels – just style to taste.

2. Lucio Men’s Two-Tone Reversible Leather Belt

Lucio is most suitable for men looking for a leather belt that can withstand tears and still be classy to style. Whether you are going for an official meeting, a get-together, or some offbeat work duty, Lucio lets you stay modern and bold.

Lucio is a made-in Italy leather belt built from fine black calfskin, which comes with a strong strap and reversible buckle. You can effortlessly unstrap the belt, remove the buckle, turn the leather over, and re-install it into the buckle while clamping it back seamlessly. 

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Belt

Polo Raph gives off that classic look, with 85 – 115cm width. This leather belt is ideal for anyone looking for a designer’s belt. It’s fantastic for styling designers’ wear and arguably, the most relatively low-budget designer belt out there. 

Polo is built from 100% leather material with a tongue buckle, with no obtrusive color or loud logos. This leather belt highlights your appearance as calm and reliable.

4. Aspinal Of London Classic Men’s Belt

Aspinal of London is yet another best leather belt for men looking for a stylish, luxurious and simple appearance. You can almost style Aspinal of London with any wear and still create a timeless outfit, elegant and gentle.

Aspinal is made from full-grain and buck leather and comes with a square buckle. This belt has a standard width which makes it perfect for styling jeans and other casual wear. The square buckle can easily fit into any loop size but more preferably a wide loop. Aspinal is versatile and lets you achieve any style you crave for.

5. Pioneer Belt by Red Wing Heritage

Another best quality leather belt to invest in is the Pioneer belt. Pioneer is built from full-grain leather, with a simple single prong buckle, and made in the USA. Although the belt is quite expensive, its leather is tanned in a fashion that offers durability and elegance. 

The edges are hand-polished, moderately rounded, and comfy when wearing. You can easily style with casual wear, formal wear, or simply anything and still stand out in the crowd. 

How to choose the best leather belt for jeans 

best leather belt for jeans
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Although jeans are casual, they are quite styled differently from other casual wear. Styling jeans with leather belts will make you look stylish and modern. In addition, leather belts are durable, easy to clean, and a perfect option for creating an elegant appearance. Here are tips to help you choose the best leather belt for jeans.

Avoid small and thin belts.

When styling jeans, a general rule of thumb is never to wear your jeans with thin and small belts. Most jeans belt loops are big, bigger than the regular casual trousers. Styling with a small, thin belt will leave your jeans out of shape and tacky.

Therefore when styling your jeans, choose a big and robust leather belt that will firmly hold the jeans in shape. Also, this styling will make your appearance bold, more fashionable, and convenient.

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Choose leather belts that match the occasion. 

When choosing a leather belt for your jeans, consider what the occasion is at the time. A riffled, rumpled pair of jeans styled with a casual leather belt will not be suitable for visiting the workplace. However, this same style can go well for attending outdoor events such as parties.

If you are wearing your jeans to a formal event, choose dull and conservative leather belts to style with. Choose a leather belt with varying color options to match your jeans for informal occasions.

What is the best men’s leather belt?

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The best men’s leather belt is one you can wear with any outfit and blends in easily. It also has to be sturdy enough to withstand the wearer’s weight. A good belt will last for years, even decades, with proper care.

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best mens leather belt
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Tonio Men’s Two-Tone Leather Belt made our list of best men’s leather belts because it’s made of 100% genuine leather and has a waxy finish. The chrome-plated buckle is durable and rust-resistant, while the two-tone color combination gives it a luxury look.

best men's leather belt

This belt is available in black or brown, so you are sure to find one that matches your favorite pair of slacks. You can find useful details about any of the belts above and see why we listed them as the best men’s leather belts.

Wondering where to get the best men’s leather belts? Shop from our large collections of men’s leather belts today!

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