Best Luxury Cashmere Scarf in 2022

Cashmere scarves are quite an affordable luxury. They make up a great part of winter accessories for both indoor and outdoor activities. Most of all, you can pair the scarf with a turtleneck and pants, literally any outfit. Also, you can package a set of beautiful-colored scarves as a gift for your female friend. 

luxury cashmere scarf

The luxury cashmere wrap is a luxurious all-purpose fashion accessory, available in different colors and worn on any outfit. They’re light, long-lasting, and can keep you warm in harsh winter conditions. Read through to discover the best luxury cashmere scarf in 2022 and the things to look out for before purchasing one.

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Best Luxury Cashmere Scarf in 2022: Comparison Table 

Here’s a comparison table of the best luxury cashmere scarf in the market in 2022. We’ve compared their prices and other features to help you choose the best luxury cashmere wrap.

PriceMaterial Size
Soft Modal Cashmere Luxury Scarf$125.9990% Modal, 10% Cashmere 138X138cm
Classic Giant Check Cashmere Scarf (Burberry)$470.00100% Cashmere 168 x 30cm/66.1 x 11.8in
Ama Pure Lilac Embellished Cashmere Scarf$560.00100% Cashmere Width: 39 inches/ 100cmLength: 79 inches/ 200cm
Loewe Anagram-Embroidered Cashmere Scarf$490.00100% Cashmere Width 13.8in/35cmLength 66.9in/170cm
Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Cashmere Scarf$427.00100% NylonVaried sizes

Best Luxury Cashmere Scarf in 2022: Products Review 

High-end cashmere scarves come in different colors and sizes. The best is that these scarves are light, warm and very fashionable. In the market today, there are a variety of luxury cashmere wraps that can be purchased either online or offline.

Below is a review of the five best luxury cashmere scarves in 2022 that you can use for your next winter vacation. 

1. Soft Modal Cashmere Luxury Scarf

This luxury cashmere wrap is designed and printed in Italy. It’s a limited edition and is fast selling in the market. It’s an essential fashion accessory. Its function is simple – to keep you warm and look more fashionable. You’ll always need it when you’re exploring countries during winter.

The Soft Modal Cashmere Luxury Scarf is lightweight and durable. Its material is top quality and doesn’t fray or tear fast. Most of all, it’s large enough to keep you warm even when you’re stepping out on a cold winter morning. It is the best luxury cashmere scarf at a more affordable price. 

high end cashmere scarves

Even in extreme winter conditions, rest assured that with this scarf, you’ll win the battle against cold. There are particular recommendations on the best time to use this scarf. That’s to say that it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. You can style it any way you deem fit and remain the most fashionable for the season.

However, if you aren’t with the Soft Modal Cashmere Scarf, you can settle for the Silk Twill Luxury Scarf as it is the best alternative. Interestingly, it is less expensive and costs just about $116.99. 

high end cashmere scarves alternative

Like the Soft Modal Cashmere Scarf, it is designed and printed in Italy using a highly-reliable machine. Even though it is slightly smaller than the Modal Luxury Scarf, it has hand-linked corners and machine-rolled edges.


  • Designed and printed in Italy 
  • High-quality material 


  • Different colors and designs 
  • Highly affordable 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events 
  • It doesn’t tear or fray
  • Durable and lightweight 


  • A low percentage of Cashmere 

2. The Classic Giant Check Cashmere Scarf (Burberry)

This luxury cashmere scarf is essential for any ‘end-of-summer trip. The Burberry scarf is a part of the luxury leather goods and other trench coats. The Classic Giant Check Cashmere Scarf is necessary for your next British winter trip, especially if you’ll spend some nights at the local pub and taking walks around the crisp country (Scotland).

This scarf costs over $470.00 and is rather on the high side. It was designed and printed in Scotland at an old mill. Its color portrayed a vivid image of autumn and was made using traditional looms, washed in local spring water, and brushed with teasels to give it a soft texture.

You’ll need this scarf to begin winter so you don’t fall off with the cold. To make your look more fashionable, you can style the scarf as a head wrap. This wrap comes in various designs and colors that you can pair perfectly with any of your wardrobe materials.

This Burberry scarf is properly woven and can cover your body because of its large size. Some people go as far as styling it with shirts, a belt for pants, etc.


  • Made of traditional looms 
  • Light in weight


  • Best fashion accessory with a high level of comfort
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Multiple colors and designs 


  • Very expensive 

3. Ama Pure Lilac Embellished Cashmere Scarf

The Ama Pure Lilac Embellished Cashmere Scarf mostly comes in lavender, the perfect winter color. Even with the approaching, lavender still makes up a perfect part of the wardrobe. This luxury cashmere wrap is exclusively feminine and very fashionable. 

You can pair the scarf with a chunky white dress so the scarf’s luscious color can retain its value and make the eyes turn when you enter a room.

Interestingly, it’s not just suitable for a daytime outing. It’ll complement your dinner outfit and make you look more appealing. You can bet on that.

Unfortunately, it seems like most of these cashmere scarves are costly because they’re luxurious. This Ama Pure Lilac Scarf, for instance, costs over $560.00. The best part is that it is valuable and worth the price. It’s right that you’re spending a large chunk of money, but it’s on durable and comfortable material.

In addition, this luxurious scarf doesn’t fray or tear easily. So, even after prolonged usage, rest assured that it’ll still be in good condition. You need to wash it and place it neatly in your wardrobe. 


  • Made mostly in lavender (color)
  • High-quality material 


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events 
  • Durable and comfortable 
  • Lightweight and easily washable 


  • Very expensive 

4. Loewe Anagram-Embroidered Cashmere Scarf

Loewe is known to make quality and highly sought-after accessories. It has made different cashmere pieces, and the Anagram-Embroidered Cashmere Scarf is one of its most bought products. The luxury cashmere wrap is designed and printed in Italy and made using locally sourced yarns.

You don’t need to worry about ruining your fashion style because this scarf is a fashion stepper. It comes in yellow, thus setting it apart from other winter accessories. It’s lightweight, and wrapping it around your neck will make you feel warm when stepping out on a cold winter morning. Whether you wear a shirt with pants or a turtleneck with shorts, you’ll be the model of the day.

The best part about this luxury cashmere scarf is its detailing. The embroidery and design on the scarf are properly designed, just like in high-end leather bags. You’ll always stand out with this scarf. The extra detailing makes the scarf more beautiful and comfortable and adds an extra layer to the material.

This scarf matches up with other high-end cashmere scarves regarding pricing and packaging. Unlike poor-quality pieces, the scarf’s material is locally sourced and woven with a high-quality machine. The Loewe Cashmere Scarf is also available for men and costs around $490.00.


  • High-quality material 
  • Full detailing and embroidery 


  • Lightweight and easily washable 
  • Comfortable and beautiful 


  • Few colors and design
  • High cost

5. Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Cashmere Scarf

Another best luxury cashmere scarf is the Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Cashmere Scarf. It is not just designed like other regular wraps but adds “fun” to your fashion accessories. It’s most suitable for night outings like clubbing, partying, etc.

It may not be convenient to purchase this scarf, considering it’s best for majorly night outings. It has a loud print and a skinny silhouette. Even at the bar, it’ll keep you warm throughout the night. The best part is that if you pair this scarf with a faux-fur-lined leather jacket, you’ll be the muse of everyone that looks at you.

There are numerous luxury scarves on the market. However, you must understand that each of them comes with its peculiarities even though they tend to all have high pricing.

Notwithstanding, it’s made of a high-quality material that makes it last long and serve you with utmost comfort. Also, the Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Scarf has a unique design (leopard-print, as the name implies). It’s only available in that design. This design makes it stand out from the others.

Most people who are animal lovers tend to prefer accessories with animal features. So, if you’d love to own a sample fashion accessory with animal print, you can settle for this luxury cashmere wrap.

  • Leopard-print design
  • High-quality material 
  • Skinny silhouette 
  • Highly durable and comfortable 
  • Adds color and fun to your outfit
  • Variety of colors 
  • Available in just one design 
  • Highly expensive 

Best Luxury Cashmere Scarf in 2022: Buying Guide 

Before buying any of the high-end cashmere scarves, you must consider certain essential factors. Here’s a list of the top 5 buying guides for luxury cashmere scarf 2022:

Lower Blends and Quality 

Cashmere come in grades A, B, and 3. Grade A has just 14 microns, while Grade C has over 30 microns. So, the quality of the final product depends on how thin the Cashmere is when gotten.

Many suppliers blend cashmere fabrics with other fabrics. Cashmere, when blended with silk, is stronger, making it less fragile and low in cost.  

Check the Fibre Content

It’s very easy to identify the fiber in a scarf. You must check the product’s label at the shop (physically) or on the website. A high-quality cashmere scarf will have a “90%” or more inscribed on the label.

In addition, if you’re purchasing the scarf from an online store like Shopify or Amazon, search for the ones with official tags from notable brands that offer extensive information and prove their product is quality. 


Any luxury cashmere scarf you’re settling for should be long-lasting without losing its shape and soft texture. To determine whether or not a scarf is durable, you should check for some qualities.

It shouldn’t be heavy but lightweight, soft, and valuable enough for you to spend your money on.


Original Cashmere is very soft and not as rough as wool. However, any cashmere scarf you’re purchasing shouldn’t be too soft as it may lose its quality and soften over time.

Some manufacturers add fabric softeners during the manufacturing process to make the fabric excessively soft. Unfortunately, this technique reduces the fabric’s lifespan, putting it under undue pressure. 

Stretch Recovery

To determine the recovery strength of the scarf, gently stretch a section of the fabric and observe how well it withdraws back into shape. If the Cashmere is of premium quality, it will ping back, but if it’s inferior, it won’t.

Then, hold the scarf close to the light and look through it. For original Cashmere, you’ll see a tighter-knit weave. This weave type is another factor determining how well the garment will remain in shape in the long run.


It’s easy to find a scarf, but it may not be so easy to find the original luxury cashmere scarf. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t available on the market. The major problem is that you may end up purchasing inferior Cashmere. We’ve compiled 5 top factors you should adopt as your buying guide for the best luxury cashmere scarf in 2022.With a good-quality luxury cashmere wrap, you’ll feel warmer during your winter trips. Besides, it’ll not only keep you warm but make you look more fashionable.

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