Is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?

Mexico is a country that is rich in culture and history and has been a top tourist destination for Nomads and people looking to explore the world of attractions. However, recent events have caused some people to question whether it is safe to travel there.

Yes, it is safe to travel to Mexico right now. Although there have been reports of violence in certain areas, the majority of Mexico is still safe to visit, especially if you take common-sense precautions like avoiding remote areas at night and staying away from drug trafficking hotspots.

it is safe to travel to Mexico right now

In fact, many people continue to travel to Mexico without any issues.

many people continue to travel to Mexico without any issues

That said, if you are planning on traveling to Mexico, be sure to research the areas that you will be visiting and read the rest of this article for some useful tips and things to keep in mind before planning your trip.

What to know before traveling to Mexico

Traveling to a new country for the first time without being well informed can lead you to serious problems. This is why you must learn tips to help you find your way around Mexico, stay out of trouble, and have fun during your stay.

important things to know before traveling to Mexico

Here are four important things to know before traveling to Mexico;

1. Restrooms are marked differently from what you know

In a typical English-speaking country, restrooms marked with M denote men, but in Mexico, this mark has a different meaning. Restrooms marked M in Mexico are specifically made for women and not men. M stands for "Mujeres" in Spanish, which means women.

So if you are a man and on a visit to Mexico, the appropriate restroom to use is one marked with a "C," which stands for "Caballeros," or H, denoting "Hombres." This tip will save you the embarrassment of having to use the wrong restroom.

2. Keep your FMM paper slip safe.

FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple or Multiple Immigration Form in English) is a document you get from customs when you visit Mexico. Usually, on arrival, you'll be required to fill out a breakaway form attached to the Immigration Form you receive at customs. 

On successfully filling out this breakaway form, an immigration officer will tear off the document and attach it to your stamped passport. This new attached document is called the FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple).

In many cases, travelers forget to take notice of FMM hidden inside their passports until it's time to leave the country, and they may get stuck. For this reason, they get penalized with a fine. 

However, the situation is avoidable if you keep your FMM paper slip safe. Thus when traveling to Mexico, make sure to search your stamped passport for your FMM paper slip. 

3. Immigration is cracking down on visas

Until recently, staying longer days in Mexico was a thing. By default, tourists are allowed 180 days to stay in the country but not anymore. 

Visitors are no longer allowed 180 days in Mexico. Rather the National Institute of Immigration (INM) has the sole right to decide what number of days a visitor stays.

Also, visitors who want to stay longer-terms are made to answer a series of questions regarding their intentions and what proof they have to back up these intentions. 

While it's sad INM is cracking down on visas, Nomads looking to visit Mexico can use the following tips to manage the situation; 

  • Constant carrying of proof of residency
  • Availability of copies of accommodation bookings 
  • The proximity of outbound flight tickets 
  • And finally, application for a temporal residency visa.

The above-listed documents can help you establish credibility and proof behind your long-term travel purposes. 

Meanwhile, it's also worth noting that immigration officers are on constant paper supervision around places such as bus stations and bus routes for people who appear non-Mexican. So the best you could do is keep all your papers at hand, particularly your FMM and passport.

4. You'll need luxury scarves and cashmere for Mexico weather.

Regardless of when you're visiting Mexico, you'll need cashmere and luxury scarfs to wage against the weather. One truth about weather conditions is that you can not predict what will happen, and there are no guarantees the forecasts can't change. 

This is why picking two or more luxury scarves is greatly recommended. Also, apart from the weather, there will be times you would want to visit the beach and other tourist sites, and having your pretty scarves and cashmere available does help. 

Want scarf ideas? A Soft Modal Cashmere Scarf with a fringed finish will help protect you from the cold. Plus, they are greatly cozy and do not cause any irritation to the skin.

Alternatively, you can choose to turn your Soft Modal Scarf into a sarong. You can wear it over your shoulder or tie it over your swimsuit for a quick coverup at the beach or pool.

Another great option is the Silk Twill Luxury Scarf. This scarf has hand-linked corners and machine-rolled edges and is designed in Como, Italy. Silk Twill is a great choice for those looking for luxury and comfort in one piece.

What are the Covid19 restrictions on traveling to Mexico?

There are no Covid19 restrictions on traveling to Mexico, but travelers are encouraged to take health screenings at the airport or use their hotel for local tests. 

Also, the Consulates insist travelers should only use approved laboratories and private testing providers for their viral Covid testing. Meanwhile, all health screenings and Covid-19 tests should be fully paid for by tourists except for situations where there's medical/travel insurance in place.

Finally, while there are no restrictions on traveling to Mexico, some cities and Mexican states may have rigid non-obvious restrictions. So ensure to make inquiries from your hotel or resort before journeying.

What to take with you when traveling to Mexico

what to take with you when traveling to Mexico

Wondering what to take with you when traveling to Mexico? Or not sure about what to wear; shoes, beauty items, bags, clothes, and other essentials? We have put together three necessary things to take with you when traveling to Mexico.

1. Water-resistant phone case

A water-resistant phone case becomes indisputable while exploring Mexico and its beautiful tourist sites, particularly the beach resorts.

You'll need to protect your phone from impending damage. A water-resistant phone case protects your phone's lens from scratches, and beyond that, it saves your phone in cases of potential fall into the water or on the floor.

2. A tote bag

Irrespective of what country you are traveling to, pickpockets and casual thieves are unpredictable, and Mexico is no different. While you may not foretell whether or not you'll jam one, you can prevent and save your valuables from them.

Tote bag by Ekeonu is a perfect choice for keeping your valuables safe; clothes, shoes, travel papers, ID cards, credit cards, smartphones, and other essentials. 

Alternatively, you can use a wallet if you're just stepping out for a simple outing. Alma Genuine Leather Wallet is an excellent option. This wallet is pretty comfortable, comes in a soft color, and easily fits into your tote bag.

ekoneu red genuine leather wallet

3. Lifestraw

Generally, in Mexico, water from the tap is unsafe for drinking. While the source of water is quite purified, the distribution system is usually contaminated, and for this reason, no one drinks tap water in Mexico.

On the other hand, a Lifestraw helps protect yourself against water poisoning when visiting Mexico. Furthermore, and more importantly, the item isn't limited to filtering water but is also effective against food poisoning. Hence, when traveling, ensure to get a Lifestraw for yourself. 

Top Mexican restaurants for tourists

  • Pasillo de Humo

  • Pasillo de Humo is a top restaurant for exquisite dining experiences. It's perfect for special celebrations and boasts of savory cuisines.

    Think of scenting Oaxacan mole dos; tortillas garnished with aromatic herbs & chess, and molites istmeños.

  • El Abanico

  • El Abanico is one of Mexico's top restaurants, sitting right in the heart of the working-class Tránsito Neighborhood. They are popular for their specially made pork, simmered in Lard. Other delectables available at El Abanico include; fresh salsa, tasting nopales, and savory Costilla taco.

  • Pujol

  • This restaurant is a top spot for exceptional Mexican cuisines. Pujol boasts of a seven-course refreshing extravaganza, chili sauce, and Olvera's signature. You can also use the spot for romantic dates, birthday celebrations, and regular dining.


    is traveling to Mexico safe

    Is traveling to Mexico safe?

    Right now, traveling to Mexico is safe. However, you must make inquiries with your hotel or resort to determine what local directives are in place regarding Covid-19 restrictions. Also, ensure to keep your papers at hand to avoid issues with the immigration office.

    Is traveling to Cancun safe?

     is traveling to Cancun safe

    Traveling to Cancun right now is safe. While other Mexican cities struggle with crime issues, Cancun boasts relatively low crime rates. And apart from that, the locals are largely friendly compared to natives in other Mexican cities and states.

    Is traveling to Tulum safe?

     is traveling to Cancun safe

    It is safe to travel to Tulum now. But, OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) warns that tourists should apply caution greatly considering that there are issues of Covid-19, natural disasters, and cartel activities within some areas.

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