How To Clean White Leather Bags: Best Practices

 How to clean white leather bag

While we all agree leather bags are durable, natural, flexible, and resistant to wear, it’s quite unfortunate that their surfaces are porous. What this means is – leather bags can not withstand liquids and because of this they are easily stained and discolored.

Generally, If you own a white leather bag, chances are – it is likely going to get soiled easily and when you go wrong with the cleaning method, you end up ruining your bag. This is why you should follow these best practices outlined here on how to clean your white leather bags without ruining them.

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How To Clean White Leather Bags

Before cleaning your leather bag, the first rule of thumb is to never clean with harsh cleaning solutions such as bleach. Harsh cleaning solutions can destroy your leather bag.

Here are best practices to follow while cleaning your leather bags;

  • Mix a mild cleaning solution using soap and water. For best results, you can use castile soap. Gently massage your cleaning solution into the bag, wiping the surfaces and edges to remove any visible dirt.
  • To remove soap remains, use clean water applied onto a soft cloth and dab down in small circular motions around the affected surfaces. Meanwhile, ensure not to scrub too hard as this may result in scratches on your bag.
  • Allow your leather bag to dry. Do not sun-dry or leave your leather under the hot air as this can tamper with its luster. Let the bag sit for at least 24hours before buffing.
  • Now your leather bag is completely dried, you can buff it with your choice of leather polish to enhance the bag’s luster.

How To Remove Pen Marks From Leather Bags

 how to remove pen ink from leather bag

If you often carry pens in your leather bag, having pen marks becomes unavoidable. However, the good thing is – there are various easy-to-do tips that can help you remove pen marks from your leather bags.

Use Alcohols 

Start by dipping a ball of cotton wool into your alcohol solution and gently rubbing the pen marks in a round motion. Remember not to rub too hard or spread the alcohol over other unaffected surfaces of the bag.

Next, allow to air-dry. Check and confirm if there are still any visible pen marks left. If there are any, repeat the cleaning process again until there are no visible pen marks. Smoothen and polish your leather bag to improve luster.

Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Olive Oil

This is a homemade solution that can easily remove pen marks from your leather bag. Begin by spraying the soiled area with your solution. Allow to sit for 10 mins before cleaning with clean water and a damp cloth.

Next, use a quality leather conditioner to restore your bag’s luster. If there are still visible pen marks, ensure to repeat the process again.

How To Keep Leather Bags From Cracking

Leather bags are prone to cracking because they are natural materials. Most natural materials are usually animal skin and animal skins are liable to dry out. When they dry out, they suffer cracks. This is why leather bags are likely to crack over time.

In Spite of that, you can still improve the lifespan of your leather bags and keep them from cracking. Use the following helpful tips to keep your leather bags from cracking;

how to keep leather bags from cracking
  • Always store in a cool dry place. This allows your leather bag to radiate and stay free of cracks. Most major cracks on leather bags are usually from harsh air, especially from the sun. Thus, never dry under direct sunlight.
  • Use leather oils and conditioners. Oils will help you prevent cracks while leather conditioners will help restore the sheen of your leather bag.
  • Always dry water spills on your leather surface with a soft dry cloth. Using any other drying methods such as hair dryers or heaters to dry your bag can cause severe cracks.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning solutions or dye-containing solutions to clean your leather bags. These agents can cause cracks in your leather bags.

How To Repair Cracked Leather Bags

As earlier mentioned, leather bags can crack. However, if you have cracked leather bags and looking for how to repair them, below are easy steps to restore and repair your cracked leather bags;

how to repair cracked leather bags
  • Take some dish soap and water using a soft cloth and gently clean the cracked surfaces. Deep clean until the affected area is soft and the cracks begin to fade.
  • Use a leather conditioner to brush through the affected surface, making sure your leather absorbs the conditioner. Alternatively, you can use oil in place of a conditioner.
  • Allow to sit for 10 mins and dry out the conditioner. Carefully remove any visible remnants of soap or conditioner and allow your leather bag to dry properly under room temperature.
  • Confirm if the cracks have visibly reduced. You can repeat the process until the cracks are completely gone.

How To Store Leather Bags In Humid Weather

how to store leather bags in humid weather

Generally, humid weather is bad for leather bags because leather materials are absorbent. To keep your bag safe and in good condition during the humid weather, follow these steps;

Avoid Moisture

Always keep your leather bag away from moisture. A good way to avoid moisture is to wrap your leather bag in paper or inside a package box. That way, they are safe from wetness during humid weather. Also, before storage, confirm if there are traces of moisture. If there are any, leave your leather bag to completely dry under room temperature before packaging.

Avoid Heat

Extreme temperatures are bad for your leather bags and can reduce their lifespan. Never leave your leather bag to dry under the sun or from heat sources such as a heater or hairdryer. Leather bags can not withstand intense heat.

Use Quality Polishing Oils

Quality polishing oils or leather conditioners can help prevent moisture on your leather bag during humid weather. While moisture can cause mold to grow on your bag, polishing oils avert that. In addition, your leather’s natural sheen is improved.

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