Great Fashion for a Great Cause – It’s a Family Thing!

Siblings, we were raised by parent-teachers who taught us to value education, work hard, persist against overwhelming odds, and reward yourself generously!  

Now, based on those principles, we are launching our own luxury fashion brand and putting the breadth of our experience and knowledge to use. Our goal is to become known for the quality of our products and make a splash in the market with our beautiful lines of bags and accessories. We are passionate about elegance and style ourselves, and we are committed to producing designs that reflect that passion. More than anything else, we want to imbue beauty into the world, one luxurious piece at a time. Just as we were taught to reward ourselves, we want our customers to reward themselves with an Ekońeu product.  

Looking good with a stylish high-quality accessory doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Pieces that are at once trendy and classic, both affordable and stylish, made with the finest Italian craftsmanship, these are our fortes. We have partnered with reliable professionals in order to set our brand up for long-term success. In addition to expanding our brand, we are also focused on making a positive impact on the world at large. To that end, we are contributing a portion of all our proceeds toward funding a foundation for childhood education.  

Just as our parents taught us, we are using our talents and abilities for good! Stay up-to-date with all our fabulous work both professional and philanthropic!